Public Health

Our community thanks our local and state first responders, sheriffs, search and rescue, and fire department teams. 

Public Health

Public Health Director
Dr. Lynnette Telck

Public Health Nurse
Marcie Clendenen 

EPR Coordinator
Jim Johnsen


PO Box 872, Walden, CO 80480

Mental Health

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Treatment works.

1 in 3 Coloradans experiences a mental health or substance abuse crisis every year.  There IS help available here in Jackson County and we know that people who get the right help do get better.  Children are happier, adults are stronger, families are more connected, communities are more productive.

Mind Springs Health offers a full range of accessible and affordable mental health care treatment, from our outpatient center at the Medical Center Building @ 350 McKinley Street in Walden, to 24/7 crisis response, crisis stabilization, and the only psychiatric hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City, West Springs Hospital.